Why Work for SKYROQ?

Join a company where you are encouraged valued, and respected. World-class mentoring and learning opportunities, alternative viewpoints that are encouraged, and a flexible work environment.  You will find a wealth of opportunities to create the career you’ve always imagined. At SKYROQ, we want people who take pride in delivering a quality work product to our clients, individually and as part of a team. SKYROQ is a virtual based company meaning employees can be anywhere in the country. SKYROQ ensures that you have all the resources you need to work efficiently, using digital and cloud-based tools.  SKYROQ will enable you to work from home as effectively as you can work in an office.  SKYROQ is a task-oriented company: no punching in and out of a timeclock.   SKYROQ is not just interested in you as an employee but also in the community. It enables us to attract, develop, inspire and reward top talent. We offer a very generous benefits package and are looking to add more. 

SKYROQ Senior/Lead Consultant

Job Type: Full Time

Job Description: Consultant will lead the day-to-day activities on the project and is expected to be involved in all phases of the project, from Requirements / Design through to Deployment / Go-Live. The Lead Consultant is responsible for all project deliverables.

Qualifications: Although not required, it is preferred that the lead consultant have a minimum of 5 years of experience with OneStream or Hyperion.  Responsibilities include working on client projects, ability to perform end to end implementation. The Lead Consultant is also a supervisor, providing guidance to the staff consultant/s. 

SKYROQ Staff Consultant

Job Type: Full Time

Job Description: Staff Consultant will support the Lead Consultant by performing OneStream XF solution build and testing tasks under the guidance of the Lead Consultant.

Qualifications: Preferably, but not required, 1-2 years of experience with OneStream or Hyperion.  Ability to build reports from systems that SKYROQ develops.  To understand client requirements when building reports and be detail oriented. Since we are a remote company, we are looking for someone who is self-motivated, task oriented, self-directed, and adept with technology.